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For a Safer Tomorrow

Shaping the future of airport security 


The EXSPERINSE project assists in meeting the dual challenge of more aviation passengers being subject to increased security requirements.


Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 “Fast Track to Innovation” program, XSPERINSE was brought to life to increase aviation security and improve the passengers travelling experience through reducing waiting time and frustration in the airport checkpoints.


The project aims for designing an improved Exruptive cabin baggage scanner through creation of a next generation multispectral X-ray detector that represents a key component in the scanner core. To ensure optimized detection/scanner performance through improving the analysis algorithm to fit the performance of the upgraded detector. And finally, to ensure that the design and layout of the entire checkpoint is compliant with optimizing passenger flow and passenger experience while also increasing the aviation security through application of the improved scanner technology.


Expected Results:

The Exruptive CT Security Solution (the Exruptive solution) addresses the main problems faced in the security process today: detecting efficiently all threats - more and more automatically, increase operational efficiency and reduce related costs, and improve passenger experience at the same time. Due to the increased level of automation and remote screening options, less contact is necessary between airport personnel (agents) and passengers (pax). Furthermore the possibility to communicate directly with the passenger through the tablet-screen on the trolley makes it possible for pax to avoid e.g. congested areas in the airport and keep a safe distance to other pax in order to prevent the spread of e.g. COVID-19. For that reason, Exruptive is now experiencing an increased interest from airports and security providers both inside and outside the EU. The outcome of the XSPERINSE project will further accelerate this process, as more energy efficient and price friendly detector units incorporated into the Exruptive scanner, will further improve operational efficiency and reduce security costs.

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