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About our company

Company Profile

Exruptive is developing an innovative integrated solution for the optimization of the security- and commercial experience of travellers in international airports offering improved security at lower cost, better flow and increased revenue and efficiency in airport commercial areas.


We target airport owners, operators and retailers with a proprietary security scanning solution for cabin baggage, as well as chargeable, scanner compatible context aware airport shopping trolleys offering an integrated or click-on touch screen platform for personalised traveller interaction, way finding and business intelligence acquisition.


As opposed to traditional security equipment and staff suppliers, we are uniquely positioned in the market by combining next generation X-ray scanning technologies and imaging algorithms with deep insights into passenger flows, passenger perceptions, behavioural patterns and cultural differences to become a true end-to-end full service partner to our customers.


We have developed strong ties and partnerships with leading academic institutions, IT developers, manufacturers and service providers and have therefore been able to operate as a small agile organization. We have no vested interests in existing product lines, paradigms or business models. Everything we do is modular, adaptable and customizable to enable us to match the diversity of the customers we aim to serve.

Our main industry: Airports


The aviation industry is driven by four fundamental trends:


  • The growth in global air travel
    More passengers passing through security every year, more security lines being established, more airports and airport terminals being built or upgraded

  • The ever rising security requirements and regulations
    Existing X-ray scanners do not live up to regulatory requirements, rising security costs allocated to airlines, increased hassle and anxiety for passengers, missed connections, delayed flights etc.


  • The increasing strategic importance to airports of non-aeronautical income
    Additional investment into airport shopping areas, increased focus on advertising, increased focus on business intelligence and on being able to reach and communicate with passengers


  • The growing pressure from passengers and airlines to improve the overall passenger experience and the ultimate goal of stress less flying
    Growing demand for connectivity, integration, technology and new solutions. Passengers increasingly demand control, choice and enablement

Our Core Values


Disruption requires a lot of will-power


To deal with the complexity of what we are doing and the industry in which we are doing it


Zero tolerance on moral shortcuts

You may quietly live out your values, or seek to impose them on every person and situation you encounter.
We lean towards the latter.


Our ambition is to become the preferred technology and service partner to our customers in the airport industry based on a unique and sustainable competitive position.

What is exruption?


We have defined it thus:


Exrupt: To disrupt through the dramatic alteration of the experience of a thing.


Exruptive Innovation: An innovation that creates a new market or significantly alters an existing market by offering a radically different experience for some or all of the market stakeholders.


Exruptive business model: A new business model evolving around a dramatic change in the experience of a thing, which has the potential to disrupt a market



                     is a registered trademark ®

Our Approach

fact 1

Airports are increasingly moving toward a business-to-consumer model, and non-aeronautical (or commercial) spending by passengers has surpassed aeronautical income as the most important source of earnings in the airport industry.

fact 2

Passenger security screening at airports is an increasing problem for all the stakeholders in the aviation industry. For airlines and airports alike, the rising cost of aviation security is a significant burden and poses a number of associated operational problems that add additional costs.

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